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About 75% of plant yield potential has been estimated to be lost to environmental stresses, even in developed agricultures. To facilitate the biotechnological improvement of crop productivity, genes and proteins that control crop adaptation to a wide range of environments will need to be identified. Due to the challenges faced in text/data mining, there is a large gap between the data available to researchers and the hundreds of published plant stress proteomics articles. Plant stress proteome database (PlantPReS; is an open online proteomic database, which currently comprises > 35086 entries from 577 manually curated articles, and contains >10600 unique stress responsive proteins. Since every aspect of the experiments, including protein name, accession number, plant type, tissue, stress types, organelles, and developmental stage has been digitized, experimental data can be rapidly accessed and integrated. A customized BLAST tool has been made available which is useful for retrieving the homologous sequences from the database. Furthermore, PlantPReS enables researchers to perform multiple analyses on the database using the filtration mode, and the results of each query indicate a series of proteins for which a set of selected criteria are met. The query results can be displayed in either text or graphical format.

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1. The PlantPres is redesigned. The new Gene ontology database has been created in new version.

2. Updated database.

Database statistics
  • Last update: 07/2024
  • Number of articles: 534
  • Number of entries: 37930